In 1925 the first graduation of high school students enrolled in 1920, many of whom later became well-known professors and scholars. In the same year the university became the Kuban State Medical Institute.
During the years of the Great Patriotic War the Institute has been evacuated twice – in Yerevan and in Tyumen, but never during the war years is not interrupted by the release of the doctors. Immediately at the beginning of the war were organized extra classes to graduate students, conducted accelerated releases that made it possible for the first year of the war to prepare 847 doctors. Almost all employees of the university were engaged to work in the rear.
Already in June 1943 in the Krasnodar branch of the institute resumed classes of students. At the same time, we began intensive rehabilitation work in the main building on the street Sedin, 4, which ended only in 1954. All theoretical departments, previously hosted in midwifery school (Krasnaya st., 1), returned to their rooms.
A separate line in the military high school history inscribed FA student achievement Luzan, who in 1941 refused to armor, and he volunteered for the front, where he served as a radio operator in the composition Infantry Regiment, who fought in Karelia. Surrounded by the Nazis, FA Luzan blew himself up and the radio, so necessary to the enemy. The feat marked by a star of the Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously. Immediately after the war has been increased enrollment of students in the first year of the institute. The university has received the right to admission to the PhD theses. To resume regular publication of scientific papers.
1960 Institute has significantly expanded its profile. Over 40 years it functioned only one medical faculty. Its graduates, doctors, medical manual directed at any doctor’s office and, while working, acquire a narrow specialty.
In 1963, the Dental School has been opened at the institute. It was designed to provide dentists North Caucasus and Rostov Region. Preparation of such specialists required the creation of new specialized dental chairs and a significant restructuring of the educational process in all departments of the institute.
Since 1966, the institute comes circulation newspaper “Medic Kuban”. In 1969, the institute has opened another Department – pediatrics. In 1961, the first foreign students went to college. In 1982, the Institute created the Faculty of Advanced Medical, which is especially developed rapidly in the last decade. In 1992 – the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education, which in 1997 transformed into the Municipal Medical Institute of Higher Nursing Education, and resigned from the academy. In 1998 he opened two more departments – medical-prophylactic and pharmaceutical.
Since 2005, the Kuban State Medical Academy is accredited in the status of “university” and a state educational institution of higher education.